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14 May 2007 @ 10:32 am
Welcome to Lindsaywhack's Birthday Party!  
Hi there, and welcome!

Today is the day Jared's been waiting for. It's Lindsay's birthday and he has something he wants to say, courtesy of the lovely exsequar who helped him get the words right:

Thaaaaaaaaaaat's right! It's strippedpink's birthday, and to celebrate, Paddywhack didn't bother with knick knacks. He got the girl a ring!

Now you're invited to the celebration of the prettiest sparkly-pink fangirl ever to fangirl Jared Padalecki. And if you didn't get her a ring, well, that's cool (Jared didn't really either, but the picture was so cute we could resist), there's still tons of time to give Miss Lindsay birthday hugs and kisses and lots of love.

Here at mrs_paddywhack, it's all schmoop, all the time. OTPs are not just safe, but sacred, and we vow to love, honor, cherish and obey J2 and SamandDean. And Lindsay! So c'mon, help us celebrate. And if you found us by accident, and you don't know Lindsay, check her out at strippedpink. You won't be disappointed.

One short admin note, before we getting on with the confetti and party streamers:

Now that the comm is public, if you want your posts to be visible to non-community members, you can go back and edit them to public security. If you'd prefer to keep them private, Lindsay will be joining the comm as soon as we unveil it to her. If you have any questions, check in with the mods and we'll be happy to help.

Now then, back to the celebrating! On your way to the wedding cake and champagne, don't miss: Pretty in Pink, a collaborative project in honor of Lindsay's birthday. And toss some confetti on the unfailingly awesome lostt1 for the absolutely perfect layout and the magnificent miss exsequar for the userinfo banner and default icon.

Mrs. Paddywhack...has quite a ring to it!